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Here are some photos from Mirissa Sea. I went to Weligama last December with my friends. Since we had some extra time while we are coming back to Colombo, we thought of visiting the Mirissa Sea. Our intention was to find some dolphins but unfortunately we couldn’t find any that day


Mirissa harbour

Old waterpump

Fishing boat

Searching for fish, originally uploaded by koolb.

Solar eclipse

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solar eclipse
solar eclipse

solar eclipse

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“Now Is Here” concert by Wagon Park

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I was invited to cover the event Now Is Here concert by Wagon Park last month. Here are some photos from the concert.

From Now Is Here concert by WagonPark

Manisha on vocals. Click image for more

From Now Is Here concert by WagonPark

Buddhi on vocals. Click image for more

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jQuery Essentials

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I was checking around web for some javascripts and found this great slideshow about jQuery essentials. Just have a look,it will provide you essentials to start using jQuery
jQuery Essentials

Don’t forget to check this blog post too. It also has some examples to beginners.

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Vigeland Sculpture Park

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Vigeland Sculpture Park, originally uploaded by koolb.

The unique sculpture park is the life work of the sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) with more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron. Vigeland was also responsible for the design and architectural outline of the park.

Cool Official GMail Themes

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Google have just activate the Themes in GMail. Now you can enhance the look and feel of GMail without any 3rd party tools. There are 30 cool themes including “terminal” theme which show the GMail like are you accessing it from old terminal screen. These themes are not only color customizations; some themes rain on your mailbox, some changes the image and some with fun characters etc..


gmail themes

So check out your gmail settings for the themes tab to select your favorite theme.

KPI viewer Vista gadget development on Windows 2008 64Bit

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I wanted to display some KPIs as a vista gadget. I had to use the PC which I already setup SQL SERVER, MOSS and PPS on a Windows 2008 Server. I googled to find a way to setup Vista sidebar on Windows 2008 and found a great post from reggies blog with simple instructions. Sidebar worked like a charm on Windows 2008 after following the instructions on the reggies blog.
I also found a sample Vista gadget code from Download and copy the code to gadget directory and add the gadget to the side bar. The method he has followed is to get the RSS feed from Sharepoint KPI List and setup the feed URL through the options dialog. After setting up the RSS feed the options dialog, it displayed the message “connecting” but nothing happened. I went through the Javascript code and couldn’t find any problem. Next, I setup the same gadget on a Vista Box and it worked without a problem.
I identified the problem is in the Windows 2008 and looked for a way to debug the code. Vista Gadgets cannot be debugged in a normal way and I found some good information from Keith Elder’s blog and on setting up the debugging. When I debug, the problem was in the line where the ”‘GET’, g_WsUrl + “&kalle=1234″, true);” and it was throwing an exception saying “Microsoft JavaScript runtime error: Permission denied”. But everything was fine on IE and there cannot be a problem with JavaScript engine. so I looked google for a solution. Couldn’t find the exact solution but some one has resolve the issue by coping vista gadget files to a FAT partition and coping them back to NTFS partition. I understood that the issue is not in the JavaScript but with file permissions. When I right click on the files and I got the following dialog.

Windows File Properties - UnBlock Button

I saw something different as there is a Unblock button. I pressed the Unlock button for the all the files related to Vista gadget and retried again. This time it work with out a problem. This is the first time I have come across the “Unblock” button scenario. I found some information on the “Unblock” functionality after some searching. If you get “Microsoft JavaScript run time error: Permission denied” again, don’t forget to check file permissions first, specially on Windows 2008 and Visa.

I’m Back

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I was ignoring my blog for past 2-3 months. I was mostly in to flickr and photography after I bought my new camera, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. Madhawa helped me to bring it down from Canada while he was coming to back to Sri Lanka. I was really excited and I spend more time reading on the photography and went on 2-3 trips to get some good photographs.  I have updated my flickr with the new photos and I’m learning new things every day.
Work wise I got a job offer from another company with a different challenge.  I accepted the offer as I was expecting a some change for some time.  So end of next week I’ll be leaving Kandysoft and joining IronOne.
It was a very hard decision for me as I have a very long history working almost 9 years with some of the guys there. Everyone was very good friend and I really enjoyed nice atmosphere which we build there.
But I think it’s the time to move to a different challenge and I had to take the hard decision. So bye bye Kandysoft.

Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows is now available for download

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Google Chrome is now available to download you can download it from

Here are some of the images of the installation.

Overcoming Flickering in PopupExtenders

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When ASP.NET Ajax popup extenders are used sometime you may see a small flickering in the form. You can avoid this by hiding the panel used by the popup controls using the following code block

PanelPopupControl.Style.Add(“display”, “none”);