ActiveX plug-in from TODO: <File Description> from TODO: <Company name>

November 8th, 2006 by koolb | Filed under Uncategorized.

Do you install an ActiveX plug-in from Unknown publisher? Or if IE says that it’s from TODO: <company name>? Click on the following screenshot to see what I’m taking about.

IE add-on TODO: <File Description> from TODO: <Company name>

Click on the image to see the message clearly.

This is from non-other than Yahoo. Its good programming practice to put TODO: in your code where you can attend later rather than just keeping them on your mind. But releasing the software without removing them and without checking…..disaster…..

2 Responses to “ActiveX plug-in from TODO: <File Description> from TODO: <Company name>”

  1. koolb | 28/11/06

    Now they have fixed it. I hope that my post has helped yahoo to identify the problem :-)

  2. Anonymous | 24/07/07

    They have fixed it on, but not on – i still get the pop-up warning every time I visit the site

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