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Want to find out who is hosting your favorite web site ?

July 16th, 2007 by koolb | 1 Comment | Filed in Internet, Web Development

I always wanted to know the details of the web site if I find it interesting. I used to type<doman name> to find the domain information and SEO details. But didn’t provide enough information about the Hosting Company. I found this new site which displays the Hosting Providers name for the given web site.
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Try it and see,

I’m Puzzled with Rediffmail

July 11th, 2007 by koolb | 1 Comment | Filed in Internet, Web

You must have seen the advertisements of Rediffmail. Specially during the Cricket Worldcup season they were advertising about Unlimited Storage on cable TV. They were advertising this even before the Yahoo mail announce of their Unlimited Storage offer. So I registered there for use it as my mail backup. But today I got “Your Rediffmail is full” message when I check my other pop accounts in Rediffmail.


So I checked the help section on the account size. There is no indication of any limitations for other POP accounts. But it says..

1. What’s special About Rediffmail New?

New! Rediffmail is a free, fast & easy-to-use email. Offering you a storage space of 1 GB. It enables you to send 20 attachments at a time, with a total mail size upto 10 MB. The New Rediffmail has several features that make managing your email simpler, like drag and drop mails, instant preview, quick attach, mail search, easier to access address book, etc. It has powerful spam control and a much richer and more efficient interface.

So then what’s the meaning of the Advertisements ? Either the help section is not updated and the message I got is a bug Or they are big liars who can even lie on TV :-)

Dialog BroadNet – WiMAX Installation

July 11th, 2007 by koolb | 25 Comments | Filed in Broadband, Internet, Sri Lanka

Yesterday we got the WiMAX connection to our office from Dialog Broadband. Here are some pics which were taken when it’s installed.

WiMax Antenna.

Configuration was simple. They connect the laptop to the antenna / control unit using a web browser and Ethernet connection, like how you configure a DSL router. After that they configured the frequency for the cell. Even though, WiMAX doesn’t need line-of sight to work, they have to turn it around to get the maximum signal strength. They said even the reflection of the single would also work.


Initial speed tests

The purchased package was Ultra which should have speeds of 4000kb/s for download and 1000kb/s for upload (theoretically). These tests were done by connecting a single PC.

It doesn’t have the promised 4Mbps speeds, but currently it has fairly decent speeds. Hope they will maintain the same quality in the future. ( At least half of the promised bandwidth as its shared bandwidth :-( ) Anyway I got 450Kbps on FlashGet for downloads from using 10 threads.

Here is a presentation from dialog which has the details of the available packages.

Most waited Dialog WiMax is now available.

July 4th, 2007 by koolb | No Comments | Filed in Broadband, Internet, Sri Lanka

Dialog has launched the WiMAX solutions under “BroardNet” brand name. You can now get WiMAX installed by contacting Dialog Broadband. I don’t know why they are not advertising it as their other products. The products are currently under testing, but following packages are available.