Dialog BroadNet – WiMAX Installation

July 11th, 2007 by koolb | Filed under Broadband, Internet, Sri Lanka.

Yesterday we got the WiMAX connection to our office from Dialog Broadband. Here are some pics which were taken when it’s installed.

WiMax Antenna.

Configuration was simple. They connect the laptop to the antenna / control unit using a web browser and Ethernet connection, like how you configure a DSL router. After that they configured the frequency for the cell. Even though, WiMAX doesn’t need line-of sight to work, they have to turn it around to get the maximum signal strength. They said even the reflection of the single would also work.


Initial speed tests

The purchased package was Ultra which should have speeds of 4000kb/s for download and 1000kb/s for upload (theoretically). These tests were done by connecting a single PC.

It doesn’t have the promised 4Mbps speeds, but currently it has fairly decent speeds. Hope they will maintain the same quality in the future. ( At least half of the promised bandwidth as its shared bandwidth :-( ) Anyway I got 450Kbps on FlashGet for downloads from download.com using 10 threads.

Here is a presentation from dialog which has the details of the available packages.

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  1. nirudha | 26/07/07


    They mention a common firewall feature, I wonder if this means that inbound connections are dropped (as would be the case if they used NAT) or some other restrictions are in place compared to SLT ADSL for example.


  2. koolb | 28/07/07

    Currently we have hosted mail/ftp/web servers inside the network. Further some web services have been hosted on custom ports for testing purposes. So far there not have been any problems in inbound or out bound traffic.
    But DialogBB had some problems in the SNR rates and some engineers from the foreign network equipment supplier visited our office to diagnose and optimize the connection. It was around 16dB SNR on downstream but they were able to increase it to 32dB for both directions.

  3. nirudha | 28/07/07

    good to know they are tweaking this.

    have you noticed any link quality changes due to weather? might be too soon to say.

    also what times did you do those speed tests at?

  4. Gayantha | 28/07/07


    first of all I wanna know about Prices…

    because some ppl said me WiMAX charges on Downloaded Data Basis & someone said it’s not..

    & how much on installation?

    PS: I already sent a mail to your MSN account… ;)

  5. koolb | 30/07/07


    Prices are same as they given in the presentation and there are no quotas etc. It’s a fixed price for the maximum bandwidth. But only problem I see is that they only say its “SHARED”. Therefore there are no QOS ( Quality of Service) guarantees. It could be zero to maximum bandwidth. I think DialogBB should come up with minimum QOS levels in there agreements in future. Because any international ISP has some QOS level guarantee in the agreement and its enforced form there consumer protection laws. But it’s very unfortunate that not a single ISP in Sri Lanka gives any QOS guarantees for Broadband connections


  6. koolb | 30/07/07


    As other wireless technologies it has problems related to radio singles. But as I understood in Wi-Max they have created software and hardware to dynamically adapt to these problems. I have seen it changes modulation from QPSK to BPSK vice versa. But I don’t think its stable as a Microwave link but it’s intelligent at different level of the network stack to adapt to different conditions.

    Note – Please correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m not a network/ engineer


  7. nirudha | 2/08/07

    I got the 2mbps package yesterday. While doing initial tests I actually got up to 1.6mbps (bittorrent) downloads and I was REALLY happy.

    But after a few hours my speeds dropped to sub 200kbps (more like a home ADSL package) and it has not gone over that since then.

    I was convinced it must be a SNR issue for such big difference but all the technical support guys seem to be spoon fed the term “shared bandwidth”.

    Quite a disappointing performance so far. Hopefully we can track performance as more users come on board.

  8. Tao 365 | 2/08/07

    I got the 1 Mbps package installed at my place and the quality of service has been pretty good so far.

    This morning I tested the connection speed during heavy rain and it was a little bit slower. Not sure if it’s due to bad weather or the increased traffic during office hours on a weekday.

  9. nirudha | 7/08/07

    hey Tao,

    What is the maximum speed you can get on a large download using a download manager (and multiple download streams)?

  10. RiZ | 15/09/07

    Seems like that WiMax and ADSL still has the same problem in SPEED.I was thinking to change from my ADSL to WiMax but its better to wait for some time guess it will take a very very long time for us to get a connection like FiOS http://www22.verizon.com/content/consumerfios/packages+and+prices/packages+and+prices.htm

  11. iiczuyuwbd | 28/10/07

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  12. raditha | 13/11/07


    Have they provided you with the static IP and the reverse DNS entry to go with that?

    We’ve got a PRO + package about a month ago, the IP was finally fixed after numerous mails and phone calls. Still waiting on the reverse DNS.

    Full story at http://www.raditha.com/blog/archives/001296.html

  13. koolb | 24/11/07

    Hi Raditha,

    Yes. They provided a static IP at the time of installation and we never had a problem with them. Even after a week or two of installation a team came and adjust the antenna for optimum signal levels. I didn’t ask for the reverse DNS because my previous experience with local ISPs for reverse DNS is not that good. Please post a comment when you get the reverse DNS, so I can also ask it from them.


  14. akram | 28/12/07

    Hey folks,

    can someone give me the details of how much they charge for monthly for postpaid residential package. I would really appreciate this help. because I am living abroad and looking to get broadband line to my house at home.

  15. koolb | 31/12/07

    You can find the details from their site. There are 4 packages on offer.


  16. cuteboy | 23/06/08

    I have a 2mbps connection. Network goes down several times in a week. we have shared the netconnection with my friends. Had numerous calls and finally they said they have a FAIR USER policy, means we can download 8GB a day. Its waste for companies to take this type of connection ah?

  17. Sean | 18/07/08

    Still waiting on my line to fire up.. actually waiting for the installation guys. Well about the FUP, its quite unclear about many things. But as people who use connections in Australia (Majority of lankans now) are def used to this and its even worse there cos after the FUP the speed goes to 48kbps and remains till the next bill cycle.

  18. Dinushka | 26/08/08

    Thia is shit they are blocking Bittorrent

  19. Zayeem Anfaaz | 17/12/08

    hey i’m using dialog wimax 512kbps homenet package

    when iam download any file ware not going atleast 300 kbps but it will be going 100kbps
    what is this?
    what s ur idea?
    i hate dialog WiMax bcoz some my friend told me wimax is not trust speed bcoz they also using D wimax
    what are the raesion?

  20. koolb | 18/12/08

    You can do a proper test using http://www.speedtest.net from different locations in the world .
    You are experiencing low speeds because dialog has over sold the available bandwidth to its customer. ISPs are getting international bandwidth mostly from there parent ISPs using underground sea cables and they resell the bandwidth to customers like you.
    Lets say they have 1Gbps line to outside world.They can have limited number of 512Kbps, 2Mbps and 4Mbps customers sharing the same line to have a good internet experience. But they have shared same line with 100s of customers. So you don’t get the promised bandwidth. Most countries have rules for ISPs for QOS(Quality of Service) But unfortunately we don’t have such rules like that :-(

  21. Senal | 17/11/09

    Koolb :- what are the packages which are available on Digial BB WiMax. Thought of switching from ADSL Office packg to WiMax. Is it worth ?

  22. koolb | 17/11/09

    No,Don’t do it. Dialog 512kbps package bandwidth is crappy as ADSL 512kbps.

  23. Intercom | 9/01/11

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  24. ranga | 24/03/11

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    Not supporting Utorrent , Bigtorrent.


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  25. Madhawa | 1/07/13

    When we are creating a direct dial up connection what is the phone number that we should dial

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