eBooster – boost your XP, Sinhala interface

April 26th, 2008 by koolb | Filed under Enhancement, Software, Windows.

eBoostr brings the benefits of Windows Vista’s ReadyBoost to XP. eBoostr could be perfect for XP users who want a little extra memory but don’t want to install RAM, or for laptop users who have no way to increase memory. Following is a comment from the lifehacker post which proves its performance

Ok guys, I just tested my Lenovo T61 laptop with the eBoostr

w/Cruzer SanDisk U3 2m memory stick.

For my full system specs, see this:

Here’s the benchmark WITHOUT eBoostr:

Here’s the benchmark WITH eBoostr:

I ran both right after system reboot with no major apps open other than my usual (light) startup list (anti-virus, and a very short list of must-load startups).

As you can see, there is some improvement but it doesn’t seem to be major…

what do you think, should I keep it?

author : avniassa

Special thing I noticed was Sinhala was available in the language selection box. This is the first software from a international vendor, which I have seen Sinhala in the language selection. This is how it looked when I changed the language to Sinhala ( I was so excited and even took this screenshot even before I restart the PC :-) )

eBooster - Sinahala
Sinhala interface

English Interface

You can also grab a copy from Filenetworks

2 Responses to “eBooster – boost your XP, Sinhala interface”

  1. arjun | 15/10/08

    great news and achivement

  2. Chris | 20/03/09

    Thanks for the very useful updates and benchmarking. Interested users can download a free trial version (use up to 4 hours at a time before rebooting) here: http://www.ebooster.co.uk/spip.php?article89

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