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Here are some photos from Mirissa Sea. I went to Weligama last December with my friends. Since we had some extra time while we are coming back to Colombo, we thought of visiting the Mirissa Sea. Our intention was to find some dolphins but unfortunately we couldn’t find any that day


Mirissa harbour

Old waterpump

Fishing boat

Searching for fish, originally uploaded by koolb.

Here is a way to look professional

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Never thought glasses make that much of difference. Here is a smart advertisement of some glasses manufacturer showing the difference with and without the glasses.
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I watched the tv series Heroes by downloading all episodes from the web. There are set of cool drawings which are used in the episodes to show the future. I found a collection of these drawings while I was browsing the web. So if you are also a fan, here there are.


Prevent RSI

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Are you using computer for a long time? You can be a victim of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Here is a free open source program which will help you to prevent RSI. Its called Workrave and it works on Windows and Linux.

Helping hand

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My friend Rev. Piyala has stared a blog called ‘iranawila e-village”. Currently he works as teacher there and he wanted to uplift the knowledge of children in the iranawila village. Please visit his blog and help him to build awareness about this to the world.