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November 12th, 2007 by koolb | No Comments | Filed in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Movies

I watched the tv series Heroes by downloading all episodes from the web. There are set of cool drawings which are used in the episodes to show the future. I found a collection of these drawings while I was browsing the web. So if you are also a fan, here there are.


The pursuit of happiness

January 23rd, 2007 by koolb | No Comments | Filed in Entertainment, Movies

Directed by
Gabriele Muccino
Writing credits (WGA)
Steve Conrad (written by)

I watched a good movie after long time. The pursuit of happiness was a great movie and I was inspired after I got to know that it was a true story. I was able to Google Dean Witter then Gardner Rich. They were the Chris Gardners internship company his own company. Then I was able to find this interview with the real Chris Gardner who is a very inspiring person.

You can find out more about pursuit of happiness and the real Chris Gardner from this Wikipedia link