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Here are some photos from Mirissa Sea. I went to Weligama last December with my friends. Since we had some extra time while we are coming back to Colombo, we thought of visiting the Mirissa Sea. Our intention was to find some dolphins but unfortunately we couldn’t find any that day


Mirissa harbour

Old waterpump

Fishing boat

Searching for fish, originally uploaded by koolb.

Solar eclipse

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solar eclipse
solar eclipse

solar eclipse

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“Now Is Here” concert by Wagon Park

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I was invited to cover the event Now Is Here concert by Wagon Park last month. Here are some photos from the concert.

From Now Is Here concert by WagonPark

Manisha on vocals. Click image for more

From Now Is Here concert by WagonPark

Buddhi on vocals. Click image for more

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Sri Lanka – Broadband QOS (Quality of Service)

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I have ADSL connection and Dialog WiMax connection at our work place. ADSL should have speed of 2Mbps, but it has around 800Kbps of real speed at off peak hours and on peak hours it goes down to speeds closer to dialup connection (around 100Kpbs). Dialog WiMax still maintains a good QOS. But still at peak hours it is 800Kbps for a 4Mbps connection and on off-peak hours it is around 1500Kbps. So I had the question whether the regulator of ISPs in Sri Lanka has rules on QOS for Broadband when they issue the operator license to the ISPs. But I couldn’t find any on the Service or Bandwidth QOC for internet or Broadband in the TRC web site. They only have some QOC Indicators to monitor Telephony services.

I found the following line below the tariffs when I was referring to Airtel India web site.
“* Speed indicated are only speed upto our ISP Node and are given on best effort bases as per TRAI guideline on Quality of Service for Broadband Service”
TARI is the Indian regulator. I checked their website on the guidelines they practice in India for Broadband services. I found “TRAI issues Regulations on Quality of Service Standards for Broadband Service” document which explained various indicators of QOS to protect broadband consumers.

I couldn’t figure out why the DSL and other broadband services license and tariffs are defined unconditionally in Sri Lanka. As I can understand from the TRC web site, any ISP can market a product indicating a huge bandwidth offering. But the QOS of the Network bandwidth they should offer is not enforced by the regulator. Basically they can share the network bandwidth with any number of customer since there is no minimum bandwidth QOS enforced by the regulator.

So that’s how it goes… we will hope someday TRC – Sri Lanka will take necessary actions to protect Broadband consumers.

Dialog BroadNet – WiMAX Installation

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Yesterday we got the WiMAX connection to our office from Dialog Broadband. Here are some pics which were taken when it’s installed.

WiMax Antenna.

Configuration was simple. They connect the laptop to the antenna / control unit using a web browser and Ethernet connection, like how you configure a DSL router. After that they configured the frequency for the cell. Even though, WiMAX doesn’t need line-of sight to work, they have to turn it around to get the maximum signal strength. They said even the reflection of the single would also work.


Initial speed tests

The purchased package was Ultra which should have speeds of 4000kb/s for download and 1000kb/s for upload (theoretically). These tests were done by connecting a single PC.

It doesn’t have the promised 4Mbps speeds, but currently it has fairly decent speeds. Hope they will maintain the same quality in the future. ( At least half of the promised bandwidth as its shared bandwidth :-( ) Anyway I got 450Kbps on FlashGet for downloads from using 10 threads.

Here is a presentation from dialog which has the details of the available packages.

Most waited Dialog WiMax is now available.

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Dialog has launched the WiMAX solutions under “BroardNet” brand name. You can now get WiMAX installed by contacting Dialog Broadband. I don’t know why they are not advertising it as their other products. The products are currently under testing, but following packages are available.