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Here are some photos from Mirissa Sea. I went to Weligama last December with my friends. Since we had some extra time while we are coming back to Colombo, we thought of visiting the Mirissa Sea. Our intention was to find some dolphins but unfortunately we couldn’t find any that day


Mirissa harbour

Old waterpump

Fishing boat

Searching for fish, originally uploaded by koolb.

Cool Official GMail Themes

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Google have just activate the Themes in GMail. Now you can enhance the look and feel of GMail without any 3rd party tools. There are 30 cool themes including “terminal” theme which show the GMail like are you accessing it from old terminal screen. These themes are not only color customizations; some themes rain on your mailbox, some changes the image and some with fun characters etc..


gmail themes

So check out your gmail settings for the themes tab to select your favorite theme.

Process is like a bicycle

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Process is like a bicycle. You have to use it to get to the destination. But what happens in most cases is to go to the destination by hook or crook and then go back to origin and carry the bicycle on your head to prove that bicycle was used!

Thanks thushara for the quote

Hurray!. New Broadband Operator

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Sri Lanka Electroteks to start broadband, voice in May
Electroteks chief B A C Abeywardene says the service will use CDMA
(code division multiple access) based technology to provide up to 1Mbps
speeds and voice calls priced around 1.50 rupees a minute, which is
about half the current tariffs.

ADSL (asymmetrical digital subscriber line) services are now priced at
just under 20 dollars a month, but Electroteks says it will give higher
download speeds.


According to the above LBO news item Electroteks will launch its Broadband network in this may. They promised to provide better service using CDMA technology for the same price.

Following are some of my thoughts which need be considered by the new operator when packaging and costing their products.

Better QOS
Most of the European operators publish their sharing ratio of the bandwidth with their packages(e.g 1:50 or 1:10). This way the customer knows what they are paying for. But in Sri Lanka operators promised to give the sun and the moon but in reality the connections are very slow and you don’t know the sharing ratio of the service you are getting.

Opportunity to select packages based on the needs
Currently SLT and Dialog only offers DSL connections. In SLT ADSL you don’t know your sharing ratio and you don’t have the option to go for a better package if you want a good service by paying more(Specially for corporate customers). End of the day you are in the same bandwidth pools(512Mbpspool or 2Mbps pool) what ever your need is.
Same time Dailog broadband offers the maximum of 4Mbps links advertising no quotas. But they shamelessly limit your bandwidth using a Fair Usage Policy. Quota for a 4Mbps packages is 16GB. They even offer you an IP even to run your own Mail or Web servers. If you divide the quota by 20days, you will get roughly 800MB per day. Whats the purpose of having a 4Mbps link with 800MB quota per day?
The above operator are very unreasonable as they don’t offer alternative packages to customers who wants more. Therefore everybody needs to stick to the same package what ever their need is.

Lower broadband equipment and setup cost
Dialog setup cost is Rs. 5000 which is very unreasonable.

Introduction to WiMAX

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Here is a very good presentation on WiMAX technology.

Linux GUI Application Development

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It just came to my mind to look for the best cross-platform GUI application development on the web. So I started to find available options on the web. There was some love for Linux

deep in my mind from the days I stated programming. Actually it’s after I moved from VB 6 to mature OO development frameworks like .NET and JAVA. I tried some samples on Mono platform but I was not that convinced with the development tools available on Linux. Glade and Mono was not been convincing enough to do a commercial projects. Though I found a very successful implementation for healthcare industry called OpenVista and many other products.

“Linux GUI Application Development for Windows How do you get started?” by Anthony Barker gives a very good starting point to evaluate Linux GUI application platforms even though it was written on 2002. I finally decided that wxPython is the best solution form the information I found. You can get some idea of wxPython by referring to videos. Further the best IDE that people were referring was wxDesigner. It is not a free IDE, but it is best developed so far and even it supports C# bindings.

I’m not an expert when it comes to Linux based Application development. This is what I have found from my own research. If you are an expert on the subject please guide me to choose the rite path on Linux GUI application development. I’m looking forward to check these platforms and tools in the future.

5GHz++ CPU

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Via: VideoSift

ASP.NET 2.0 Problems / Issues with Master Pages

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I faced hell of a lot of problems when doing Master Pages. Master Pages will work smoothly as Microsoft says if your application is a very simple and all the files are in the same directory. But if your application is bit complex, where you have to use multiple directories for different user roles etc, then you will have face lot of problems implementing Master Pages.

I was able to solve almost all of the problems by referring to  following posts. So read them and solve your problems too…

Looks Like Macs Crash Too

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This is interesting set of video clips from MAC conference.  Seems all are in the same boat :-) ….

ActiveX plug-in from TODO: <File Description> from TODO: <Company name>

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Do you install an ActiveX plug-in from Unknown publisher? Or if IE says that it’s from TODO: <company name>? Click on the following screenshot to see what I’m taking about.

IE add-on TODO: <File Description> from TODO: <Company name>

Click on the image to see the message clearly.

This is from non-other than Yahoo. Its good programming practice to put TODO: in your code where you can attend later rather than just keeping them on your mind. But releasing the software without removing them and without checking…..disaster…..